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Letter from the Director

Now is the time to give a friend a T.I.P.

Give a Friend a…

T. Tuition   
I. Incentive
P. Program

 How does it work?
  For each new student you refer and who pays the first month in full and remains in good financial standing for the first semester with CCS, you will receive one semester of tuition at half price.  For each student after the first referral, you’ll receive an additional 10% tuition reduction.

As many as you can invite!

Let’s do the math: Tuition is $235 a month
1 Student = 50% off - 1 semester with a $625.00 savings
2 Students= Additional 10%- a $62.50 savings
3 Students= Additional 10%- a $62.50 savings…and so on

Do YOU see where this is going?
- Rules: 

-The referred student must not have attended CCS in the last two school years.
-All fees must be paid upfront by new student – no scholarships
-Referral papers must be submitted before new student registers in order to receive credit to your tuition account