Dress Code

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             Community Christian School is striving to meet the needs of parents and students in implementing a fair, yet comfortable dress code.  We recognize that children need to be able to move freely in order to learn, but neatness does not have to be sacrificed for this to happen.
            As we are to be a reflection of Godly principles, the following dress code is to meet all areas of education.  Please take note that Wednesday is Chapel day and students will be required to dress appropriately for this occasion each week.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Slacks:   Khaki’s, cargo pants, walking shorts (no more than 3 inches above the knee)  any color is acceptable – no jeans. 
Skirts:   All skirts must be to the knee.  No front opening walking slits please.
Shirts:    Plain t-shirts – no screen print unless it is witness wear.  Patterns are acceptable.

Tuesday and Thursday:

Jean and T-shirt days (appropriate writing only). Tennis shoes required for P.E. days.


  • Jeans – no excessively faded or holes.  They must be worn on the hips. 
  • Cargo / shorts – boy or girl –  to the knee.
  • Capri pants –prints are acceptable.
  • Hats – fashion beanie hats are acceptable – no billed hats allowed. 
  • No thin/spaghetti strap tops or pajama pants or hats to be worn in class. 
  • No undergarments showing. 
  • Athletic/swishy pants may be worn on P.E. days but must be a suitable fit. 


Grades 1-5:

   Closed toe – no flip flops

Middle School/High School:

   Flip flops may be worn August - October, and after Spring Break only. 

*These rules are meant as guidelines.  Parents, please check your children as they leave for school to make sure they are appropriately attired, including weather appropriate.  Children will not be permitted to go outside for recess without gloves and hats on cold weather days.*